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Björn Nussbächer explores the body's ability to connect with our collective consciousness, with political and historical narratives and with our own identity, and in this context attempts to create an equilibrium, a balance, a harmony in a fragile world, a place of energy, healing and the possibility of new beginnings. Work always has social functions, such as creating networks or getting to know others. That's why it was always important to me to work in the countries I visited in order to build a deeper understanding and connection with the people there.


Vita: (Selection)



cooperations, artists, institutions: "das Werk, Raumkollektiv", Klybeckareal, Basel;"deal with it" , Unibibliothek  Basel, scenography by : Bravo Ricky,artist in research: le movement regeneratif


group-shows: Regionale22,Projektraum  M54, Visarte; cooperations, artists, institutions: Luxembourg Art Prize ; artist in research: "Crossing the line", "warming up"


group-shows: Songs from the end of the world, Galerie für Gegenwartskunst , Freiburg, Regionale 21, curated and text by Dr Heidi Brunnschweiler, artists:Nadine Cueni, Daniel Dressel & Lynne Kouassi, Jasper Mehler, Paula Mierzowsky & Johann Diel, Björn Nussbächer, Julian Salinas, Lea Torcelli, Florian Thate, Jodok Wehrli; cooperations, artists, institutions: ISSF/Clermont Ferrant Film- festival, video-archive; Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, video-archive;  ArtEM; artist in research: lucid dreams ;

collectif de possible

2020 :

artist in research: Werkraum Warteck pp, Gästeatelier, text:Martina Siegwolfcooperations, artists/institutions: Kunstmuseum, Basel; H3K, Basel; film-making:" Cross-Border-Slam, ontologies of borders", translation: French, Julie Wittich, Jaqueline Lauth, English: David Gibbs, Japanese:  Mai Shirato; other films:"transparence,"

"If I cannot dance, I don t want to be part of your revolution;"


cooperations,artists/institutions: Oscar Oiwa; Lin Shueng Long; Wan Weng Chi; Seizo Tashima; Xiang Yang Studios; Yota DadawaAnahita Razmi;  Koebitai; art-front-gallery,tokyoJane Bridge; artist in research: Taiwan-Okinawa-Honshu-Shikoku, "every element contributes;"

Sandimen, pingtung

2018 :

Open Atelier: Atelier ouverts, Alsace; Open-Studio, Motoco;cooperations, artists/institutions:La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse,

directrice : Sandrine Wymann;  Theresa Schütz,unos;  


group- shows: Parcours -humains, Basel , curated by Dr Marco Stoffel;cooperations, artists/institutions: Michel Bugiel, Paris-Pingtung; artist in research: Werkraum Warteck pp, Gästeatelier; Atelier Mondial, Basel; performances: Atelier Mondial, Basel, in cooperation with Alex Phillips ( NY) 2016:

cooperations, artists/institutions:  Gerda Steiner, Jörg Lenzinger, Totentanz, Basel; Budokan Basel; Martine Zussy , directrice de  Motoco; filmmaking: "is contemporary art a martial art ?;"

2015 :

artist in research: Tsarino,(Blg) in cooperation with Tsarino Foundation;


Director of tree-house,

Amsterdam; cooperations, artists/institutions:

Holland-Festival; Stadtschrouwburg, Bimhuis, Concertgebouw;  

2012 :

artist in research: America; Montreal(Ca) -Nelson( Ca) -Hawai (US) ; New York (US), the power of serendipity; cooperations, artists/institutions : Center of Art Futura/ NY, the sixth street community center/NY, the museum of reclaimed urban space/NY special thanks to Matt Metzgar, Debbie Dee Lee, Eva Hubl and  Andre Avelas;


group-shows: booking together,,  Outpost, Amsterdam, curated by Francois Dey, work ;Non c’è paragone!, Firenze; cooperations,  artists/institutions : Nicola Raspopovic , Urban Indian, Berlin; Karen Bösser, coach: Caterina Pecchioli, home for now, Forum freies Theater, Düsseldorf; director of artist in residence: AiR-Amsterdam- Osdorp, guest- artists : Terry Vreeburg, Maythal Rothenberg, Roi Alter;


group-shows: Bazonnale  „ Lust,“ Weimar, founded by Bazon Brock the family show, Outpost,  Amsterdam , curated by Alexander KroneStudioFroh,atmosphere, Berlin, curated by Claudia Olendrowitz cooperations, artists/institutions: Maria Lalou „ Economic Express or Mobility Express“ ,  2nd All Art Now     Festival , living spaces, Damascus;  Christiaan Bastiaans , filmproduction, Klub Mama GemütlichMarie Shields, Skulptuurenexpositie, West-Amsterdam;performances: Meditationes:Istanbul ,Taksim-Square, Bosporus -promenade, commercial-district, Hagia Sofia- square;  Vienna,  erster Bezirk, am Albertina; Hofburg, Garten; Albrechtsbrunnen; Sofia, main -train- station; Berlin, Marx- Engels- Forum; Damascus: Maktab-Anbar; München, Tramway to Stachus; filmmaking: " sculpting in blue;"


group-shows: TPTP-Paris, residue,  in cooperation with Sparticus Chetwynd und Public Space with a  Roof, curated by  Amber Lauletta, Phillip Tonda Heide, artists: Ellen Burroughs, Martin Chanda, Anastasia Freygang, Lauren Moffatt, Björn Nussbächer, Claudia Olendrowicz, Lucrecia Pittaro, Sidonie Zou-Zou Roberts, and Sandrine B. Skellie, text: Jasmine Soori-Arachi;  eindexamen - show, Gerrit Rietveld -Academie, Amsterdam; veemvloer, Amsterdam; oude Kerk, Amsterdam; medical-faculty, lecture-hall, university of Amsterdam; performance:  Palais de Tokyo, Paris,15/11/09;

Meditationes, Paris : Porte de la Chappelle , Arc de Triumph, Place de la Concorde, Paris 18th arrondissement , rue de Muller; filmmaking:

"shiva was my husband;"


group-shows: Tollstraat, Amsterdam with Daniel de Roo,  Ghazela Abassalian, Anna Ugarovic; Pass a drawing, Horse-Move-Project-Space, curated by Frank Ammerlaan cooperation, artists/institutions : Ulay, water for all;


group-shows: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ( 30.11.06- 1.3.07),Municipal Art ,Acquisition exhibition, initiated by Roi Speetjens in cooperation with Andre Avelas , the radio piece: the perfect storm, was broadcast live out of the Stedelijk museum Amsterdam, special guest: David Gibbs;


group shows: International Follydock Competition, NAI, Rotterdam, release of  catalogue; Ersatzbank der Gefühle, Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Halle, in cooperation with Stymir Gudmundson, Sohrab Bayat, Tamara Schvitz, Gover Meit, Noel Loozen, Alexander Krone, Benjamin Day;cooperation, artists/institutions:  Laurens Kolks, Skulpturenbiennale Münsterland, Phantomgarten; Atelier van Lieshout, Rotterdam;if I cannot dance, I don t want to be part of your revolution,in cooperation with Johanna Billing Yael Davids , theatre-performance, Leiden;


artist in research: one year - residency, Paris by InWent-Foundation;


cooperation, artists/institutions:Tollwood - Festival,München: Jerome Thomas; theatro de los sentidos, Victoria Chaplin;


2006: International Follydock-Competition, Rotterdam,NAI;

2004: InWent - Foundation, one year residency in Paris/France

1996:" Nachwuchsfilmpreis", Landeshauptstadt München with Niklas Schechinger for "Bayerbrunnerstr", first prize


2017: Judo-and awareness -coach, Switzerland

2005-2009: Diplom, fine-art, Gerrit-Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, commisie : Matijaz Stuk, Patric Healey, Lisa May Post ; other teachers: Lucy Cotter, Christiaan Bastiaans, Dineke Blom, Andre Klein, Tom Zwervers, Audrey NG 

2005 :prepatorial, Art and Design, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam

1998-2001: Diplom, carpentry, Tübingen

until 1993: Björn Nussbächer  practice Judo  and received his first dan-degree 1993, He won one time gold and one time bronze on German National- competition in team with München-Großhadern and  was a member of the National-U18-team of Germany 

Languages: German, French, English, Dutch, Spanish

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