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Vita: (Selection)                                                  


group-shows: Regionale22,Projektraum  M54, Visarte; cooperations, artists, institutions: Luxembourg Art Prize ; artist in research: "Crossing the line";


group-shows: Songs from the end of the world, Galerie für Gegenwartskunst , Freiburg, Regionale 21, curated and text by Dr Heidi Brunnschweiler, artists:Nadine Cueni, Daniel Dressel & Lynne Kouassi, Jasper Mehler, Paula Mierzowsky & Johann Diel, Björn Nussbächer, Julian Salinas, Lea Torcelli, Florian Thate, Jodok Wehrli; cooperations, artists, institutions: ISSF/Clermont Ferrant Film- festival, video-archive; Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, video-archive;  ArtEM; artist in research: lucid dreams ;

2020 :

artist in research: Werkraum Warteck pp, Gästeatelier, text:Martina Siegwolfcooperations, artists/institutions: Kunstmuseum, Basel; H3K, Basel; film-making:" Cross-Border-Slam, ontologies of borders", translation: French, Julie Wittich, Jaqueline Lauth, English: David Gibbs, Japanese:  Mai Shirato; other films:"transparence,"

"If I cannot dance, I don t want to be part of your revolution;"


cooperations,artists/institutions: Oscar Oiwa; Lin Shueng Long; Wan Weng Chi; Seizo Tashima; Xiang Yang Studios; Yota DadawaAnahita Razmi;  Koebitai; art-front-gallery,tokyoJane Bridge; artist in research: Taiwan-Okinawa-Honshu-Shikoku, "every element contributes;"

Sandimen, pingtung

2018 :

Open Atelier: Atelier ouverts, Alsace; Open-Studio, Motoco;cooperations, artists/institutions:La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse,

directrice : Sandrine Wymann;  Theresa Schütz,unos;  


group- shows: Parcours -humains, Basel , curated by Dr Marco Stoffel;cooperations, artists/institutions: Michel Bugiel, Paris-Pingtung; artist in research: Werkraum Warteck pp, Gästeatelier; Atelier Mondial, Basel; performances: Atelier Mondial, Basel, in cooperation with Alex Phillips ( NY) 2016:

cooperations, artists/institutions:  Gerda Steiner, Jörg Lenzinger, Totentanz, Basel; Budokan Basel; Martine Zussy , directrice de  Motoco; filmmaking: "is contemporary art a martial art ?;"

2015 :

artist in research: Tsarino,(Blg) in cooperation with Tsarino Foundation;


Director of tree-house,

Amsterdam; cooperations, artists/institutions:

Holland-Festival; Stadtschrouwburg, Bimhuis, Concertgebouw;  

2012 :

artist in research: America; Montreal(Ca) -Nelson( Ca) -Hawai (US) ; New York (US), the power of serendipity; cooperations, artists/institutions : Center of Art Futura/ NY, the sixth street community center/NY, the museum of reclaimed urban space/NY special thanks to Matt Metzgar, Debbie Dee Lee, Eva Hubl and  Andre Avelas;


group-shows: booking together,,  Outpost, Amsterdam, curated by Francois Dey, work ;Non c’è paragone!, Firenze; cooperations,  artists/institutions : Nicola Raspopovic , Urban Indian, Berlin; Karen Bösser, coach: Caterina Pecchioli, home for now, Forum freies Theater, Düsseldorf; director of artist in residence: AiR-Amsterdam- Osdorp, guest- artists : Terry Vreeburg, Maythal Rothenberg, Roi Alter;


group-shows: Bazonnale  „ Lust,“ Weimar, founded by Bazon Brock the family show, Outpost,  Amsterdam , curated by Alexander KroneStudioFroh,atmosphere, Berlin, curated by Claudia Olendrowitz cooperations, artists/institutions: Maria Lalou Economic Express or Mobility Express“ ,  2nd All Art Now     Festival , living spaces, Damascus;  Christiaan Bastiaans , filmproduction, Klub Mama GemütlichMarie Shields, Skulptuurenexpositie, West-Amsterdam;performances: Meditationes:Istanbul ,Taksim-Square, Bosporus -promenade, commercial-district, Hagia Sofia- square;  Vienna,  erster Bezirk, am Albertina; Hofburg, Garten; Albrechtsbrunnen; Sofia, main -train- station; Berlin, Marx- Engels- Forum; Damascus: Maktab-Anbar; München, Tramway to Stachus; filmmaking: " sculpting in blue;"


group-shows: TPTP-Paris, residue,  in cooperation with Sparticus Chetwynd und Public Space with a  Roof, curated by  Amber Lauletta, Phillip Tonda Heide, artists: Ellen Burroughs, Martin Chanda, Anastasia Freygang, Lauren Moffatt, Björn Nussbächer, Claudia Olendrowicz, Lucrecia Pittaro, Sidonie Zou-Zou Roberts, and Sandrine B. Skellie, text: Jasmine Soori-Arachi;  eindexamen - show, Gerrit Rietveld -Academie, Amsterdam; veemvloer, Amsterdam; oude Kerk, Amsterdam; medical-faculty, lecture-hall, university of Amsterdam; performance:  Palais de Tokyo, Paris,15/11/09;

Meditationes, Paris : Porte de la Chappelle , Arc de Triumph, Place de la Concorde, Paris 18th arrondissement , rue de Muller; filmmaking:

"shiva was my husband;"


group-shows: Tollstraat, Amsterdam with Daniel de Roo,  Ghazela Abassalian, Anna Ugarovic; Pass a drawing, Horse-Move-Project-Space, curated by Frank Ammerlaan cooperation, artists/institutions : Ulay, water for all;


group-shows: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ( 30.11.06- 1.3.07),Municipal Art ,Acquisition exhibition, initiated by Roi Speetjens in cooperation with Andre Avelas , the radio piece: the perfect storm, was broadcast live out of the Stedelijk museum Amsterdam, special guest: David Gibbs;


group shows: International Follydock Competition, NAI, Rotterdam, release of  catalogue; Ersatzbank der Gefühle, Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Halle, in cooperation with Stymir Gudmundson, Sohrab Bayat, Tamara Schvitz, Gover Meit, Noel Loozen, Alexander Krone, Benjamin Day;cooperation, artists/institutions:  Laurens Kolks, Skulpturenbiennale Münsterland, Phantomgarten; Atelier van Lieshout, Rotterdam;if I cannot dance, I don t want to be part of your revolution,in cooperation with Johanna Billing Yael Davids , theatre-performance, Leiden;


artist in research: one year - residency, Paris by InWent-Foundation;


cooperation, artists/institutions:Tollwood - Festival,München: Jerome Thomas; theatro de los sentidos, Victoria Chaplin;


2006: International Follydock-Competition, Rotterdam,NAI;

2004: InWent - Foundation, one year residency in Paris/France

1996:" Nachwuchsfilmpreis", Landeshauptstadt München with Niklas Schechinger for "Bayerbrunnerstr", first prize


2017: Judo-and awareness -coach, Switzerland

2005-2009: Diplom, fine-art, Gerrit-Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, commisie : Matijaz Stuk, Patric Healey, Lisa May Post ; other teachers: Lucy Cotter, Christiaan Bastiaans, Dineke Blom, Andre Klein, Tom Zwervers, Audrey NG 

2005 :prepatorial, Art and Design, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam

1998-2001: Diplom, carpentry, Tübingen

until 1993: Björn Nussbächer  practice Judo  and received his first dan-degree 1993, He won one time gold and one time bronze on German National- competition in team with München-Großhadern and  was a member of the National-U18-team of Germany 

Languages: German, French, English, Dutch, Spanish

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