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Nomadic Atelier :

What does it mean to move ? Can we process art without physicality ? How the   environment influences new work ?

What do we have now , what are we looking for and what has to change? Can we complete ignore our body -mind connections and just create virtual work ?The Pandemie of Covid 19 puts us in a certain position of slowing down and reflecting the world new from a different perspective. In my nomadic atelier I m moving

between different environments in different countries between different borders and taking this exploration into artistic work and new approaches.This research goes back to the role of the artist in contemporary society and artistic-practice.

Artist in Residence Warteck pp

1Mai to 30 of June 2020

During the pandemic I m invited to be " artist in residence " in Basel.Here I m creating two video-works .

"Cross-border-Slam", performative-essaye about the borders in between Switzerland , Germany and France.

" If I can t dance, I don t want to be part of your revolution " is a film composed from videofootages filmed in Japan and Taiwan in confrontation with the other and borderline situations , reflecting on autobiographical experiences and French Philosopher "Gaston Bachelard " , which creates a visual-poetic narrative.

"Lucid dreams" , a journey into oneself.Research-project".Motoco juin  2019 to now.

As lucid dreaming is meant the stage of a dream that can be entered through conscious objection.We will not only be passive aware of a dream but ready to consciously acting in our dreams.This dream can be influenced by visual techniques, like drawing film and fotgraphy in the forehand but need some training of the artist.Through certain techniques I m preparing right now for this stage .For that , I m using a shelter constructed as a sort of retreat in the residence of "motoco" as a specific device. Outcome of this work is text, drawings and a technical menu for the audience to follow.


Performance workshop:1o.10-20.10.2020.

Munich Germany : Kenbukai Dojo :

When I ve been traveling to Kyoto I met like out of nowhere Michael.We started to talk and he told me that he s a Aikido -teacher .He has been studying Aikido for more than 10 years in Tokyo.Surprisingly now he lives in Munich , the town I m coming from originally.I ve been quite surprised about that serendipity of occasion.Better as I m told him that I m a performer and love all Judo -sports he invited me to train in his Dojo than I m back to Munich.So when I went back to Munich I contact him and he was really kind and friendly and I could come to his Dojo whenever I wanted and take lessons.That was an amazing experience specially the morning classes starting at 7.However , sometimes things just fall in your arms when you let go.Art might be the creation of material , but also the reflecting on things and sometimes it s just a performative action, reacting on the things coming straight to you.

Performance workshop:4.10 - 6.10.2019, artistic research-workshop, martial-arts , Tübingen , Germany

Participation on „ Judo  -workshop“  in Tübingen. „ Judo , for me it s  just like a Dance .“ Performing the actual competition -techniques and Kata demands a high level on concentration and „ deep-work.“

( After a book of Cal Newport , Piatkus ,2016 ).Teachers :Jane Bridge , Gunter Bischof , Markus Swierkot , Dr Rüdiger Hennig , Volker Gössling. Content :Ai- Jotsu , Tokui - Waza , Kenka -jotsu , Tachi-Waza , Ne - Waza , Nage - no - Kata , Nage - waza - ura - no -kata , Ju - no -kata.

OPen Ateliers , Motoco , France 18/19Mai 2019

Videos out of visual research project in Taiwan and Japan were shown in a spacial Installation.Over 200 visitors at one day.It seemed to me interesting that people had to put out their shoes to become fully aware of the space which were laid out with tatamis and transformed into a dojo as a screening 


artistic research in Japan(4th of march to 7th of mai)

 How could community created through art ?An experimental Film will be realized and shown in a Video -Installation back in France.I m focussed in my visual research in the energies which are beyond the creation of community. What let people connect to each other and what role plays the moment of action.?Different events are recorded and will be shown in an outdoor- installation.


"Artist in Residence" Pingtung/Sandimen  (12.12-2018-12.3.2019)         居住的艺术家

„Back to the roots“

Since my stay in Taiwan I became very much interested which role art plays for the „empowerment“ of indigenous culture .In the moment I m visiting the rich nature of Taiwan , a triggering point for indigenous identity.Nethertheless „i-tribe“ creates internet access in the smallest village .The art and craft movement stays steadily strong.I feel the energy created by  communities sharing and participating .But tribal society is changing and there s appearing interesting combinations of tradition and subculture.This all is very inspiring for me as a contemporary art practitioner and influence my creation of new art work.