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" the visualization of energy- research-project " -FullHD-videos, variable dimensions

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During an  art-residency in Japan and Taiwan , I ve been visiting many art communities and get really interested how art creates community.

I think all around the world people want somehow the same ,  be happy and experience a joyful life .Art helps us to have fun and to get a deeper understanding of each other.How can this energy be made visualized  and  how can it be accumulated?How can it be shared ? I just took my camera and started to explore

How could community created through art ?

I focussed in my visual research in the energies which are beyond the creation of community. What let people connect to each other and what role plays the moment of action?


a silent conversation, 2020,FullHD -Video Installation,4`12



I told you don't get mad on you, 2020, FullHDVideo-Installation, 1`55


If I cannot dance I don t want to be part of our revolution, 2020, FullHDVideo-Installation,4`17


, working together, 2020,Full HD Video -Installation, 2,12`


love, love,love, 2020,FullHDVideo-Installation, 4`12

©  by Björn Nussbächer and the collective of bodies and space

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